Wednesday, March 05, 2008

a windy march

The first of my many Hollyhock blooms opened up today. Spring is here! Love this time of year. I am now looking forward to seeing what pops open every day.
Don't know if you know this about Phoenix but it's rarely ever windy. Which is fine with me. I don't like wind. But I do like seeing my backyard windmill going crazy in the wind. When Randy and I found this house 14 years ago, I went wild over the windmill cuz it reminded me of the hard-working windmill back home on the farm while growing up. And Randy was thrilled that the house came with a woodstove cuz he loves burning anything. Those special touches definitely made our house the home we were looking for.


Becca said...

My largest hollyhock is getting tall. I hope its blooms aren't far behind!

Judy said...

It will be awhile until we see hollyhocks blooming...and I will never see citrus trees in my back yard. Enjoy your windmill...and your oranges...they are special!

Sandy said...

Aah, the photos are beautiful and refreshing. Spring is arriving here, too. But no fruit trees like yours (boo hoo).
Happy Weekend Linda.