Monday, January 21, 2008

scrapping @ Memory Lodge

The weekend in Flagstaff could not have been any better! I have never been in such a scrapping zone! Quite frankly, I was a 'scrappin machine'! How could I not! There was so much creativity and inspiration going on in that one room. And, it helped that I came well prepared to do my Disney album.
This was the view I captured looking out the window while scrapping early Sat. morning. And yes, the mountains were that pink as the sun arose.
Sixteen of us scrapped in this huge room (below) in the back of the lodge of my dreams... while listening to oldies music, stopping only for yummy home cooked meals, to refill our coffee mugs and sleep.

This is the view of Memory Lodge as we were leaving Sunday afternoon. I remember feeling so happy as we left, knowing I had accomplished what I had set out to do. And having loved every moment!

Homemade pecan cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Need I say more...

We scrapped from early morning till 10, maybe 11 o'clock each night. The first morning I was up by 5:30 to scrap pages and savor that first cup of coffee. The room was so warm and cozy and peaceful. The atmosphere being so conducive to creating, how could you not be productive!
Do you see Miranda & Barb hanging some of our lay-outs for the group photo shoot? Our Creative Memory consultant Barb, that puts on these awesome retreats every year, then scraps the pic for her Memory Lodge guestbook album.
And speaking of Barb, be sure to check out her web site here.
Thanks Barb (and your dear Mom) for making the retreat sooo special! I can hardly wait for the October Retreat!

One of the many 2-page lay-outs that I did over the weekend. Oh, and by the way, I scrapped 120 Disney pics on 26 pages. That's 54 sides on 12X12 size pages. I have to scrap the Animal Kingdom day and I will be done with my Disney Album... trips from our first Disney trip with our kids in 1987 to our recent trip to Disney World.

What a creative bunch of gals!
And what made it extra special... making memories this weekend with my daughter Miranda and my daughter-in-law Nicole. Doesn't get much better than that, now does it!

And we won't be talking about the Packers. I mean, what can I say? I'm sad... very, very sad.


Essential Oil Premier University said...

Looks like a fun time. I know, I know, EVERYONE is scrapping these days. . . I just haven't gotten into it yet.



Lori said...

Linda, Gosh that sounds so darn fun!!! Boy sure stinks our Packers won't be at the bowl! My son went to some big car show in or around Phoenix and before he went I teased him he'd see Jay leno there! Well guess who he seen??yep, Jay Leno! LOL It's been so cold, I'm hopeing and praying I get to Disney in April, but just not to sure now! Ah...wish I were in Epcot right now! Later, Lori

Skerrib said...

We should call you Scrappy Doo--that's fantastic!

My pastor here says the Packers are "God's team," so I'm sure the angels are crying too...I mean, he's the pastor so he's gotta be right, right?

Sandy said...

Sounds and looks like a fantastic time, Linda! So fun to create memories with your daughter.

Anonymous said...

that is a dream weekend for me maybe one it will happen so glad you had fun and got so much done!!! love ya kristen

Unknown said...

I have been trying to find the contact info for Memory Lodge to have a CM retreat there. Can you forward me their website/phone #