Monday, September 17, 2007

life's better on the deck

Got out of the triple digit temps over the weekend and took a road trip with friends to a cabin north of Prescott... so we could enjoy life sitting out on a porch... or in this case, a deck. Saw this sign at a Starbucks drive-thru as we were leaving the city.
Anyway, we had a wonderful time with dear friends relaxing out on the deck of the Dodd's cabin. Does it get any better than good friends, good coffee, good food, good wine and good story times. We are so blessed to know these friends now for almost thirty years! We share so much history together... kids growing up together, doing ministry together, growing old together. We are rich in friendships.

We woke up Saturday morning to this...

... then we needed this to stay awake.

Men, food and fires... oh my.

Love the color of these wine bottles.

Nancy, Carol, Don, me, Randy and Terry feasting on perfect steaks, the Nelsen's famous caesar salad and the best garlic bread ever! We sat at the table for hours telling stories, laughing and sharing our hearts.
Sure love doing life with these friends.

Be sure to check out Nancy's blog for more weekend pics!


NanAZ said...

What a blast we had...wish you could have stayed another night to enjoy the rain on the metal roof and the hours we sat looking at the stars and watching the clouds floating by.

It was such a precious weekend...lots of relaxing and enjoying each other. Thanks for joining us. We love sharing life with you.

I must have taken 100 pictures of the gorgeous billowy clouds on the drive home Sunday. I'll post a few when I have a chance.

mosaic queen said...

How Fun!!!!!!! Wish I was there! I'm glad the temps are coming down.

Jessica said...

I love the colors of the wine bottles! How peaceful! : )

Nancy said...

How special to be with friends for a special weekend. I read Nancy's post first and the two of you have a special friendship that is a blessing indeed! Maybe cooler temps will be headed your way soon.

Gina said...

Oh it sounds wonderful! The pictures are stunning!