Wednesday, September 12, 2007

pink & aqua pyrex

I love the berries and leaves on this pink refrigerator pyrex dish. I am so grateful to have started my pyrex collection many years ago... before Martha did a story in her magazine several years ago that changed everything. Now I rarely ever see them in thrift stores. I paid anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar for most of my pieces. Check out my previous pyrex posts here and here.


Lori said...

Oh such cute goodies! Talked to Mikie last night in Surprise AZ and today I don't think I'd mine the temp at all! we'll be hitting possible some record lows this weekend, 30's! mikie was telling me that his girlfrind Jhannin who teaches third grade in Wickenberg has a class full of very poor and academicaly behind students this year, it's so sad! Mikie said there really are alot of por in AZ and I had no idea. Hope you'll enjoy some of that warm AZ weather for me this weekend, Love,Lori

Jennifer said...

Good thing you picked your pyrex up when you did, before they became the hot item. Hmmmm, maybe that means your a trendsetter :)?

Nancy said...

Lovely pyrex, and how about that cute "L" in the last photo. I would love to just tour your house and see "ALL" of your good stuff!

Candy Duell said...

I love pyrex also, and also before Martha brought it back we collected it. We dont have much of it any more, but what I have I really like.

Eclectic Mishmash - totally unfocused. said...


I came upon this post doing a basic google search for "aqua pyrex." (Thought you might like to know :P. I also followed your links to your other Pyrex posts and saw that you just posted pictures of your collection two days ago! Must be Pyrex season. :) )

Lucky you, hitting it before Martha broadcast it to everyone!

I actually never knew Martha wrote about Pyrex.

I saw a piece that a friend received for her bridal shower (pink gooseberry) and decided I was interested. Then I started seeing it in thrift stores and at the local outdoor antique market once a month.

I have NEVER seen it for 25¢ or $1, but the prices I choose to pay aren't too bad. The prices people ASK for the stuff, that's a different story.

I have decided I like the pink and aqua colors the best.

I noticed you had a big bowl in the balloons pattern ... I bid on SO many of those auctions on eBay (and always, thankfully, actually, LOST) before I stumbled upon it at the outdoor market and got the set for $6.

Finding stuff you've been looking for, for prices like that, is such a high!

Just wanted to stop by and leave a comment for a fellow blogger Pyrex lover. :)

Eclectic Mishmash - totally unfocused. said...


Just adding quickly that I realize your OTHER Pyrex post on Feb. 8 was actually in 2007!!!!!

Haha. Oops. Sorry 'about that :P.