Friday, September 07, 2007

happy day honey

I was telling my daughter the other day that before this man came into my life it was hard for me to receive compliments, affirmation, hugs... to trust others. I was guarded... unable to feel ok about being me. This wonderful, kind and loving man changed all that. I began to see myself as Christ sees me. Because Randy loved my smile, I stopped covering my mouth when I smiled. I rarely ever cried before I met Randy. But because he accepted me and loved me unconditionally, I was free to feel... to cry... to express emotion. I could let go of some of the baggage that I brought into my adult life. I could take off the masks that I wore so as to appear to have it all together. I could be ok with not having it all together. I could begin the process of living out of who God says I am.
Thank you Randy, for being my safe place, for hearing my heart, for showing me Christ's love, for being the best husband and most loving father to Shawn, Miranda and Tyler.
Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Lord through your gifts and talents, your strength of character and your powerful music that has changed many lives!
We are forever grateful that you were born, and we celebrate you today.


Essential Oil Premier University said...

Happy Birthday Randy!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Linda, I'm always so touched when you talk about your DH. It is so apparent how much you love him and show it through your words and deeds. You two are a perfect match!

NanAZ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RANDY!!! I hope you all had a fun day of celebration!

We're so thankful to know him too.

Anonymous said...

I am the lucky one! Linda, you are the best thing that ever happened to meand you make me the man I am. It is easy to love you and be humbled by your love for me. I just don't seem to be able to provide enough room for all the stuff you bring with you.

Jessica said...

How sweet! What a lovely piece of writing!