Wednesday, April 07, 2010

exciting news!

Guess what? Emolyn is going to be a big sister! We are so excited that Shawn & Nicole are going to have another baby. And get this... the due date is 10/10/10!

Emolyn loves babies. She is so nurturing. She will be the best big sister and helper for her Mommy & Daddy.

And this here Mimi can already imagine her grandkids gathered in her kitchen making cut-out gingerbread cookies for every single holiday that rolls around. Mmm, I have yet to find a cookie cutter for Presidents Day :)

Silly Emolyn immediately put the little bunny I put in her Easter basket on top of her head. She's quite the character. And my favorite little lamb.


Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, Linda, HOW EXCITING!! :D What wonderful news for you all!

Judi said...

Congratulations Linda and Randy! And Shawn and Nicole! 10/10/10 is so fun, too!

Nicole T said...

great pictures! Im still waiting to see one with her gloves on! Im sad I missed that!

Nancy said...

What wonderful news!! Congratulations all around! Let us know when you find a cookie cutter for Presidents' Day -- there has to be one somewhere.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Congratulations Linda!!
I bet yours so excited about another little cutie. Guess what? I am going to be a Grandma too. My daughter Katie is expecting and her due date is 10/6/10. It wasn't planned, but I am getting kind of excited.
Hugs, Cindy

Laurie said...

Oh, my - that IS big news! Emolynn can replace her baby doll with a real, live baby! I can picture her being a really big help to her mommy!


Laurie S.

Skerrib said...

Yay! I SO hope she comes on her due date. That's the best birthday ever.

Skerrib said...

Sorry, I meant he/she. Got a little too excited, there.