Sunday, April 11, 2010

my GROHE faucet

Other than our home & vehicles, we can honestly say that one of the most expensive items we have ever purchased was our GROHE kitchen faucet. And thanks to the flood, we will now have a kitchen worthy of such quality & elegance. I love my GROHE. She's German engineered. Lifetime warranty. Gorgeous as all get-out. And now, ok, you're going to laugh, but she will actually be put in our will. Seriously, these gals are passed down for generations and that is not at all uncommon in the German culture.

Check out my Ladylux Plus GROHE~ HERE

See here's the deal, in our 30 years of marriage we were averaging a new kitchen faucet every 10 years at around $200.00 a pop. So last year when we received our stimulus check, we decided to invest the money in something that would last a lifetime. Guaranteed for a lifetime! Well let me tell you, it about killed me to spend over $600.00 for a dadgum faucet... but here's what sealed the deal for me.
A couple days after we installed our faucet we heard a clicking sound while maneuvering the lever. We called the GROHE service number and within a couple hours a man came to our door. Here's the funny part of the story. As we answered the door, this dear man gasped and said "It really is THE Randy Thompson!! When I got the call to service your home and saw your name, I called my wife and told her that it just may be the Randy Thompson I had seen in concert years ago." Well, he was thrilled to meet Randy after all these years. He bought some of his CD's and serviced our GROHE. Can't beat that with a stick. All to say, yes, the faucet even comes with your very own serviceman. (a former fan in our case) But we sure had a wonderful time with this dear man. AND he checked out our GROHE and all was right with the world.
Let me tell you, I was impressed!

We will now be reinstalling our GROHE in our new kitchen this week and if we have any problems, we'll call our trusty serviceman. It's that simple.

*** YES!! Our new kitchen will be complete THIS WEEK!! The counter tops are being installed tomorrow (Monday). And that can only mean one thing. I will finally have a sink!
So stay tuned. The final KITCHEN REMODEL REVEAL is coming THIS WEEK!

Here's a little sneak peek...

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Karen said...

Making progress!! I remember all of this so well.
Can't wait to see the final results.
Ladybug Creek