Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my galvanized table

The other night I woke up thinking about a drawer I had found many years ago at a yard sale for a dollar. Even back then I loved anything galvanized. My plan was to someday put casters underneath the drawer and use it as storage under our bed. But as you can see, I never did.

But the reason I woke up thinking of that drawer was because of this galvanized table that I had been letting Emolyn play with recently. I found the table many years ago for a couple dollars and I use it when I refinish furniture. Well it struck me in the middle of the night, that these two pieces need to meet.

So the next morning I dug the drawer out of the old shed and my suspicions were confirmed... they fit together perfect.

I was also tickled to discover that the galvanized insert popped out.

But then quickly realized that not only were the table corners pointy sharp, but the drawer insert corners were also dangerously sharp. I was having to put a rug over the table when Emolyn played with it, so she wouldn't cut herself on the corners. Combining the two would even be more dangerous.

But I would not be deterred. I pressed on and came up with another plan. I took the drawer apart, unscrewed the drawer front and the two gliders on either side of the drawer. And well, are you getting where I'm going here?!

OK, so some of you already thought of this from the get-go. Then you're smarter than me :) YES, I popped the galvanized insert back in the drawer frame and TA-DA! How cute is this!! AND no sharp pointy corners. I was sooo happy! My two galvanized pieces finally meet and marry for life :) It's a match made in heaven!

But I need your help-
~ what should I do with this darling little table?
~ what color should I paint the pine wood?
~ or should I stain... or leave as is.
~ should I bring indoors or leave outdoors?

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Stay tuned for an all-exclusive galvanized post coming to a blog nearest you. Yes, I have quite a few galvanized pieces. Such as the chandelier in this pic. Yup, galvanized with glass crystals. Another repurposed project made from odds 'n ends found here 'n there. My favorite kind of project.

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Angie in AZ said...

Love it! It would be a fun sand table for Emolyn outside. Or, you could create a shadow box with the top and get a piece of acrylic to cover it.

The Thrifty Designer said...

What a great table. I would use it on the patio w/ a beautiful pot of flowers on the ,iddle of it.

Tara G. said...

Red?! It seems like it'd be a bold, fun color for outside! I think I'd use it for drinks and such when entertaining.

Kirstin said...

That is a cool table!

Sandy said...

I like the sand table idea. Or a table for play dough or whatever. I'd probably just put fresh flowers on it or something. Really fun! Thanks for linking up to RE today, Linda!

Vivian said...

What comes to my mind is a Lego table or small train table. It keeps all the small pieces from falling off. I can't tell how big this table is, but you may have seen similar tables at toy stores.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I like it outside. It looks so much better with the wood on it.

Julie said...

Very cool piece! I featured this projects on my Friday Favorites this week - www.CabinChronicles.com

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

i would have it painted and distressed it to give some chippy look. and a good place for potting outside.. :-)

Lori said...

I think you should sell it to ME!! Love it. You have a wonderful eye to see something like that. Enjoy your table.

Denise Marie said...

wonderful area...it's gonna get nicer and nice as you add the fluff.

Tricia Rose said...

I am lost in admiration! It will look good no matter how you choose to use it.

Mikey said...

Love it! I'm new to the blogging world and just discovered of your blog! I hope you'll visit my blog, too! I think the pine would look great white! Use white shoe polish with the foam applicator tip--it gives a great aged appearance--put it on in thin layers--it will develop a patina!

Anonymous said...

ooohh...i love all these ideas but the thought that came to my mind was a game table. You could paint on the red and black checker board and use it for checkers or other games. Then you could take the pieces away and it'd still look cute as a drink table. A table I'd use in endless ways w/my kids...perfect for grandkids too!

MommaMindy said...

This is amazing. Funny how you can hang onto some strange piece or two just because you know it will be useful in the future. Totally beautiful.